This online edition of the Laws of Malawi has been prepared by the editors at Blackhall Publishing. It states the laws in force in Malawi at 31 December 2014.

Subject to the exception specified in section 9 of the Revision of the Laws Act, all Acts in force in Malawi have been published in this edition. A list of the Omitted Enactments has been published in accordance with section 8 (d) of the Act. As an additional assistance to subscribers Blackhall has also included an Index and the full text of Repealed Acts and Acts on Notice.

The general policy in Malawi has been to include all statutory instruments other than appointments of named persons. Where any statutory instrument (other than the appointment of named persons) is omitted, an explanatory note has been inserted in the appropriate place in the Laws.

Statutory instruments appear in the same Chapter as their parent Act and are arranged in the numerical order of the sections under which they are made.

Every Act except the Republic of Malawi (Constitution) Act is allocated a Chapter number in a scheme of Chapters arranged on the basis of subject matter. The Table of Contents presents a quick picture of the classification of the Laws and the arrangement of Chapters. The system of Chapter numbering adopted is designed to facilitate the future insertion in the appropriate sector of the Laws of an indefinite number of new Acts on any given subject.