1.   Short title

   2.   Incorporation of Administrator General

   3.   Appointment of Administrator General [Repealed by Act No. 30 of 1994]

   4.   District Commissioner to act as agent of Administrator General

   5.   Administrator General or his agents not liable for acts done in performance of their duties

   6.   Protection of certain property

   7.   Cases in which Administrator General may apply for administration

   8.   Administrator General may be appointed executor

   9.   Notice of application

   10.   Grant to Administrator General may be revoked and grant made to other person

   11.   Administrator General to make inventory and keep accounts

   12.   Court may appoint persons to receive minor's share

   13.   Unclaimed and small balances

   14.   Liability of the Government

   15.   Fees of Administrator General

   16.   Minister may make Rules

   17.   Transitional

30 of 1967
30 of 1994

An Act to incorporate the Administrator General and to provide for the Official Administration of the Estates of deceased persons and other Trusts and for matters incidental thereto


1.   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Administrator General Act.

2.   Incorporation of Administrator General

   (1) There shall be appointed in the public service an officer to be designated as Administrator General and such other officers subordinate to him may be required to carry out the functions and duties of the Administrator General.

   (2) The Administrator General and his successors in office shall be a body corporate under the name of Administrator General (hereinafter in this section referred to as “the Corporation”).

   (3) The Corporation may sue and be sued in its own name and shall have perpetual succession and a common seal:

   Provided that until such time as a common seal for the Corporation can be provided the Corporation may use such seal or stamp as may be approved by the Minister.

   (4) The Corporation may acquire, hold and enjoy property of every description and may convey, assign, mortgage, charge, devise or otherwise dispose of or deal with any property vested in the Corporation upon such terms as to the Corporation seems fit, and may do all such other acts and things as bodies corporate may lawfully do, including acting as a trust corporation, and as guardian ad litem or next friend of any person under a disability.

   (5) The seal of the Corporation may be affixed to any document on the authority of the officer for the time being discharging the duties of the office of Administrator General who shall sign every document to which the seal is affixed and such signature shall be sufficient evidence that the seal was duly and properly affixed.

   (6) A notice published in the Gazette of the appointment of any person to hold or act in the office of Administrator General shall be conclusive evidence that such person was duly so appointed.

3.   Appointment of Administrator General

   [Repealed by Act No. 30 of 1994]

4.   District Commissioner to act as agent of Administrator General

   Every District Commissioner shall, at the request of the Administrator General, act as his agent for the purposes of this Act:

   Provided that nothing herein contained shall affect the Administrator General's power to appoint such other agents as he thinks fit.

5.   Administrator General or his agents not liable for acts done in performance of their duties

   Neither the Administrator General nor any of his agents shall be personally liable to any person in respect of goods or chattels in the possession at the time of his death of any person whose estate shall be administered by the Administrator General which shall be sold by the Administrator General or such agents unless the Administrator General or agent shall know or have actual notice before the sale that such goods or chattels were not in fact the property of the person whose estate is being administered by him, and generally neither the Administrator General nor any agent shall be liable for any act done by him bona fide in the supposed and the intended performance of his duties unless it shall be shown that such act was done not only illegally, but willfully or with gross negligence:

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