1.   Short title

   2.   (1) Power to issue Commissions of inquiry into matters of public nature, etc.

      (2) Particulars of Commissions

   3.   Power to appoint fresh Commissioners and to alter and revoke Commissions

   4.   Commissions not affected by change of President

   5.   As to oath of office by Commissioners

   6.   Power to appoint Secretary—his duties

   7.   Duties of Commissioners defined

   8.   Division of opinion of Commissioners

   9.   Commissioners’ power to regulate proceedings

   10.   Power to summon and examine witnesses and privilege of Commissioners from suit

   11.   False evidence

   12.   (1) Duty of witnesses summoned: Expenses of witnesses

      (2) Penalty for contumacy, insult or interruption of proceedings

   13.   Appearance of legal practitioner

   14.   Commissions, etc., to be published in Gazette

   15.   As to proceedings for penalties


3 of 1914
G.N. 16/1964(M)

An Act to Enable die President to Issue Commissions of Inquiry with Special Powers

[27TH MARCH 1914]

1.   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Commissions of Inquiry Act.

2.   Power to issue Commissions of inquiry into matters of public nature, etc.

   (1) The President may issue a Commission under his hand and the public seal of Malawi appointing one or more Commissioners and authorizing such Commissioner or Commissioners to inquire into any matter in which an inquiry would be for the public welfare.

Particulars of Commissions

   (2) Every such Commission shall specify the subject, nature and extent of the inquiry, and may contain directions in the following matters—

   (a)   in what manner the Commission shall be executed;

   (b)   if there be more Commissioners than one which of them shall act as chairman;

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