1.   Short title

   2.   Interpretation

   3.   Establishment of Board

   4.   Functions of Board

   5.   Report by Board

   6.   Appointment of Executive Secretary and other staff

   7.   Funds of Board

   8.   Investment

   9.   Accounts and audit

   10.   Execution of documents

   11.   Regulations


31 of 1967
30 of 1969
9 of 1986
G.N. 15/1979

An Act to provide for the control and regulation of the National Library Service, to establish the National Library Service Board and to provide for matters incidental thereto and connected therewith

[23RD FEBRUARY 1968]

1.   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the National Library Service Act.

2.   Interpretation

   In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires—

   “Board” means the National Library Service Board established by section 3;

   “Executive Secretary” means the Executive Secretary of the National Library Service appointed under section 6;

   “financial year” means such year or other period as the Minister may from time to time, by notice published in the Gazette, determine to be the financial year of the Board.

3.   Establishment of Board

   (1) There is hereby established a Board, which shall—

   (a)   be a body corporate by the name of the National Library Service Board, with perpetual succession and a common seal;

   (b)   in its corporate name be capable of suing and being sued; and

   (c)   be capable of holding, purchasing and otherwise acquiring, and disposing of any property, moveable or immoveable, for the purposes of, or in the course of, the carrying out of its functions.

   (2) The Schedule shall have effect as to the constitution and proceedings of, and otherwise in relation to, the Board.

   (3) The Minister may, on the advice of the Board, by Order amend the Schedule.

4.   Functions of Board

   (1) The functions of the Board shall be to promote, establish, equip, manage, maintain and develop libraries in Malawi.

   (2) The Board shall have power for the purpose of carrying out its functions to do all such acts as appear to it to be necessary, desirable, advantageous or convenient for or in connexion with the carrying out of its functions or to be incidental or conducive to their proper discharge, and may carry on any activities in that behalf either alone or in association with any other person or body (including the Government or a local authority).

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