1.   Short title

   2.   Interpretation

   3.   Industrial licence required for the manufacture of certain products

   4.   Minister to make regulations for the purposes of this Act

   5.   Compliance with other laws

   6.   Requirements with respect to the manufacture of other products

26 of 1991

An Act to provide for the control and regulation of the manufacture of certain products and to repeal and replace the Industrial Development Act and further to provide for matters incidental thereto or connected therewith

[24TH JANUARY 1992]

1.   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Industrial Licensing Act.

2.   Interpretation

   In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires—

   “industrial licence” means a licence issued under this Act;

   “manufacture” means to subject physical matter to any process which materially changes it in substance, character or appearance and includes the business of treating or disposing of hazardous waste by a person other than a local authority;

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