1.   Short title

   2.   Prohibition of trial by certain ordeals

   3.   (1) Instigating, directing, etc., trial by prohibited ordeal

       (3) Being present at trial by prohibited ordeal

       (4) Making, etc., poison for trial by prohibited ordeal

   4.   Charging person with witchcraft

   5.   Employment of witchfinder

   6.   Pretending witchcraft

   7.   Chiefs and headmen permitting, etc., prohibited trials by ordeal

   8.   Profession of witchcraft illegal

   9.   Using charms, lots, etc.

   10.   Act not to affect liability for wilful murder

   11.   Power to make Rules

4 of 1911
8 of 1929
31 of 1946
G.N. 22/1963

An Act to deal with Trial by Ordeal, Witchcraft and the use of Charms

[12TH MAY 1911]

1.   Short title

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