1.   Short title

   2.   Interpretation

   3.   Establishment of the Corporation and powers and functions thereof

   4.   Status of the Corporation

   5.   Constitution of the Corporation

   6.   Disqualification of members of the Corporation

   7.   Financial policy of the Corporation

   8.   Loans by the Corporation

   9.   Repayment of, and interest on, advances

   10.   Borrowing powers

   11.   Consequential provisions on transfer of functions

   12.   Acquisition of land

   13.   Employees of the Corporation

   14.   Power of Minister to give directions

   15.   Accounts, audit and reports

   16.   By-laws

21 of 1963
20 of 1966
16 of 1970
21 of 1970
5 of 1971
24 of 1972
8 of 1980
26 of 1988
27 of 2016
G.N. 16/1964(M)

An Act to provide for the establishment of a Malawi Housing Corporation and for purposes connected therewith

[1ST JANUARY 1964]*

1.   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Malawi Housing Corporation Act.

2.   Interpretation

   In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires—

   “Corporation” means the Malawi Housing Corporation established under section 3.

   “member” includes the Chairman of the Corporation.

3.   Establishment of the Corporation and powers and functions thereof

   (1) There is hereby established in accordance with this Act, a body to be called the Malawi Housing Corporation.

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