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At Blackhall Publishing Limited we place great emphasis on the need to respect the privacy of our subscribers and visitors to our website. As you are required to register before accessing our subscription services, the information you provide is used for invoicing, issuing passwords, and for keeping you informed of upgrades and subscription changes that may help you to make better use the services to which you subscribe. Blackhall Publishing Limited guarantees that no subscriber or visitor information will be passed on to third parties without your prior consent. Blackhall Publishing Limited does make use of software allowing us to carry out aggregate analysis of traffic to our websites, but no individual visitor or customer is identified in any report generated from this analysis. This information is used simply to allow us to improve our services in line with the needs of our subscribers and visitors. We do make use of ‘cookies’, small text files stored on your hard drive which allows our website to recognise you as a repeat visitor, or to store session information whilst you are searching a publication. They enable you to avoid some of the more routine, repetitive tasks associated with using our websites. It is common practice for websites to make use of these files. We use them simply to extend the functionality of the subscription service we offer, and do not collect or distribute the information to any unrelated third party for marketing or other purposes. You do however have the option of not accepting cookies through settings in your browser. You have the right to ask for a copy of the information we hold about you at any time, and to request any amendments if necessary. You can make changes to your Profile online at your convenience. If you have any comments or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy Please Contact Us.